The View restaurant offers flavours, aroma and details of traditional English cuisine with the best of international high cuisine in a fascinating and refined background with the live piano ambience and the panoramic view of the Chapultepec Forest. The service is attentive, friendly and discreet. Open the 7 days of the week.

The cuisine at The View is always light and balanced, it mixes basic ingredients like olive oil, delicate aromatic herbs and the romance of dried fruits, pasta, vegetables, meat, fish, and seafood.

The panoramic view of the Chapultepec Forest, the live piano music and its incomparable cuisine, turn any encounter at The View restaurant into a memorable occasion.

You will find in here the best white, red and rosé wines of Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Spain, and France; as well as the most wonderful and celebrated champagne brands.


Come and enjoy our traditional High Tea, a beautiful ritual that is enchanting for all the senses: the aroma in the air, the intense and vibrant colours, the delicious flavours. Everyday at 5 p.m. Reserve in advance!